Palma Sola Trace Villas HOA
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Palma Sola Trace – Villas HOA Committees


Architecture Control Committee

Pat Smith (Chairperson)
Kathy Lee
Rochelle Lenhoff
Stan Brown (Board Liaison)

Review and approve of exterior additions, alterations or other items to any lot. A written application to begin any project is required and will be evaluated according to the current ACC Design Review Manual.


Landscaping Committee

Barbara Federman
Udo Raik (BOD)
Stan Brown (BOD)

Maintaining the quality of the aesthetics of the villa neighborhood is the primary objective of this committee.


Building and Grounds Committee

Bill Wright
Rick Corwin
Alan Ekiert
*Dave Smith
*(roof, pest control and irrigation contact)
Udo Raik (BOD)

Building & Grounds Committee inspects the villa property looking for maintenance issues consistent with current standards and policies.


Fining Committee

Alan Ekiert
Marg Riley
Theresa Staskewicz
Greg Canniff
Beth Jones
Stan Brown (BOD)
Susan Johnson

The Fining Committee receives information and fine from the board of directors, provides the violator the opportunity to explain why the fine should not be imposed.


Communications Committee

Beth Jones
Saul Lenhoff (BOD)

Maintaining information for the Palma Sola Trace Villa website ( and providing owner's with current information, communications and educational materials are the function of this committee.


Villas Neighborhood Watch

Pat Smith (Watch Leader)
Saul Lenhoff (BOD)

The Bradenton Police Department cannot function effectively without the assistance of concerned, responsible residents.


Villa Welcome Committee

Maureen Stamp
Diana Clark
Susan Johnson
Zoe Sealy (BOD)

Welcomes new owners into the villa neighborhood and provides feedback to appropriate agencies.



While Governing Documents Establish a Neighborhood, involved Owners make it a Community.