Painting Schedule - Villas

The 2021 Painting Schedule is now Complete.
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Landscape Schedule - Villas

Bloomings publishes their work schedule quarterly. Click on tab for current schedule.
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Three Villa Websites completed

Villa owners now have three sites for unique information concerning Palma Sola Trace Villa Living.

1. Palma Sola Trace Villas HOA - Public site with links to other sites and general information for residents and visitors

2. myHOAst provides electronic voting availability, community documents and BOD information. Password required.

3. C&S Management site provides resident information with regards to billing information, FAQ data along with informational data. Password required.


New Data for Flood Zone and Hurricane now available on this site.

The information is available in the owner area
under Emergency Management. The New Interactive Map for Flood Zones allows an individual to research villa data by simply putting an address in the search field.

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Shady Lady Issues

The Bucida Catepillar is considered a Black Olive Tree Pest. See what causes the staining on sidewalks and driveways.

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Electronic Voting

Palma Sola Trace Villas HOA Electronic Voting. 
Please review the following information with regards to on-line-voting: 

If you opted-in you have saved the association the high cost of printing, postage and getting the information out to the membership when you opted-in. Soon we will have a draft copy of the Villas CCR's posted for members to view. 

Our on-line voting system is safe, secure and accurate. 

Online voting is automated and precise, no more having to worry about manual hand counts, tallying and duplicate ballots. Our HOA gains valuable voter data. We can easily segment reports based on the information you need to improve future election efforts. 

Online voting is completely transparent, so members see the process upfront and understand there is no mismanagement or fraud.