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  1. Section 6. Villas Association Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions. The Members of the Association may, from time to time, adopt Use Restrictions regarding use of the Lots within the community, by amending this Declaration in accordance with the provisions of Article VI, Section 4. In addition to Use Restrictions contained in the Declaration, the Association from time to time may adopt, alter, amend, rescind, and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the use of the Lots, which rules and regulations shall be consistent with the rights and duties established by this Declaration and the Master Association Declaration. Such rules and regulations and use restrictions may be more stringent, but not less, than the Master Declaration. These restrictions, rules, and regulations shall be binding upon Owners and the Association may impose reasonable monetary fines and other sanctions for violations of the rules, regulations, or restrictions. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies for violations of the Association's restrictions, rules, and regulations, to the fullest extent allowed by law.

All rules and regulations initially may be promulgated by the Board, subject to amendment or rescission by a majority of the membership present and entitled to vote at any regular or special meeting convened for such purposes. The Association's procedures for enforcing its rules and regulations at all-times shall provide the affected Owner with reasonable prior notice and a reasonable opportunity to be heard to the extent required by law, in person and through representatives of such Owner's choosing.

No Owner, Occupant, or person residing within a Dwelling, or their invitees, may violate the Association's restrictions, rules and regulations for the use of the Property, and all such persons shall comply with such restrictions, rules and regulations at all times. Wherever any provision of this Declaration restricts or prohibits any activity, condition or structure within the Property except as permitted by the Association's restrictions, rules and regulations, such restriction or prohibition is self-executing until the Association promulgates restrictions, rules and regulations expressly permitting such activity, condition or structure. Without limitation, any rules or regulations will be deemed "promulgated" when mailed to all Owners at the address shown on the Association's books or when posted at a conspicuous place on the Property from time to time designated by the Association for such purpose. Use Restrictions adopted by the membership through amendment to this Declaration shall be deemed effective upon the recording of a Certificate of Amendment to the Declaration in the Public Records of Manatee County, Florida.


The Property shall be used for purposes as may be permitted by the applicable governmental approvals and ordinances, and this Declaration and any amendments or Supplements hereto, and any duly promulgated Rules and Regulations. Any Supplemental Declaration or additional covenants imposed on the Property within the Palma Sola Trace Villas Governing Documents may impose stricter standards than those contained in Master Association Documents. The Board of Directors shall possess the standing, power, and right to enforce standards imposed by Palma Sola Trace Villas Governing Documents.
The Association, acting through its Board of Directors, shall have the authority to make and to enforce standards and restrictions governing the use of the Properties, in addition to those contained herein. The use restrictions set forth in this Section shall be binding until and unless overruled, cancelled or modified in a regular or special meeting of the Association by the Members percentage necessary to amend the documents as set forth in Article VI, Section 4. Any such modifications or cancellation shall be recorded in the Public Records as an amendment to this Declaration. Such regulations and use restrictions shall be binding upon all Owners and occupants of Lots. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein.

Section 1. Occupants Bound. All provisions of the Declaration, Bylaws and of any Rules and Regulations or use restrictions promulgated pursuant thereto which govern the conduct of Owners and which provide for sanctions against Owners shall apply to all occupants, guests, invitees and lessees of any Owner. Every Owner shall cause his or her occupants to comply with the Declaration, Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations adopted pursuant thereto, and shall be responsible for all violations and losses to the Properties (including improvements thereto) caused by such occupants, guests, invitees and lessees, notwithstanding the fact the such occupants are fully liable and may be sanctioned for any violation of the Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations adopted pursuant thereto.



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