Services provided to villa owners include:

Management Services
C&S Community Management Servicres

Pest Control Services
* The Bug Eraser

Landscaping Services
* Bloomings Landscape and Turf Management

Roof Repair
* Florida Southern Roofing

Exterior Painting
* Myers Painting

Entry walks and Driveways

* Call Julie to schedule an appointment

imageManagement Service: Palma Sola Trace
c/o C&S Condominium Management Services, Inc.

4301 32nd Street West, Suite A-20
Bradenton, FL 34205

Julie Conway - CAM
Senior Account Manager

Phone:  (941) 758-9454 ext 107
Fax:  (941) 753-3062

Jan Ricker- Assistant
Phone: 758-9454 ext 115


The Bug Eraser Pest Control

Dave Smith and Ron Ferranti met with our new pest control service to discuss external applications and new rodent proceedures which The Bug Eraser will use.

Pest Control

Phone: (941) 750-8658

  • The Bug Eraser points of contact:
    - Julie ... C&S
    - Dave ... Villas HOA

  • Services Provided:
    -- Annual inspections performed for villas association.
    -- General pest control - interiors as needed - exteriors treated quarterly.
    -- Spider web sweeping and wasp nest knockdwn.
    -- Interior/exterior rodent trapping.

  • If you have a pest problem please contact
    Julie Conway - C&S Senior Account Manager
    Phone:  (941) 758-9454 ext 107


Landscape and Turf Management

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Bloomings website

The owners ... the Board of Directors ... Bloomings Landscaping, ALL AGREE our landscaping is some of the best in the area. Bloomings works closely with our landscape committee to ensure the villas continue to have that well maintained look.

Bradenton is recognized as a Tree City U.S.A, which means it is dedicated to the preservation and planting of trees. The City has won Growth Awards from the National Arbor Day Foundation in 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2013 for programs and projects beyond maintaining the four Tree City USA standards.

Click: Tree Board presentation for a colorful and informative PowerPoint presentation about tree and land care from the City of Bradenton. (Updated April 2015)

The City of Bradenton Tree and Land Preservation Board invites you to be a Tree Tracker, because the city is committed to the preservation of its tree canopy. Call the City of Bradenton Code Enforcement at (941) 932-9485 immediately upon spotting a tree removal or the excessive pruning of a tree. The complaint can be anonymous. 

Before removing a tree within the City of Bradenton, call Mark Runnals at (941) 932-9418 to check if a permit is needed, so as to avoid getting a fine of up to $5,000. A valid reason is needed for tree removal. City residents excessively pruning trees can receive a fine of $150. 

Excessive pruning has ruined many beautiful Sabal palms. Before you have your Sabal palm pruned, do some research! Click here for more information.

Click here for the Top 8 reasons NOT to "top trees" - a harmful practice that, if done wrong, can kill your tree.