The Bucida Catepillar

A Black Olive Tree Pest

The black olive is a beautiful Florida landscape tree, until it is stricken by gall mites and caterpillars. Landscape entomologist Doug Caldwell explores insect-infested black olive trees and explains how you may deter the destructive mites and caterpillars.

Produced by Master Gardener Production Team and Doug Caldwell, UF/IFAS Collier County Extension, Commercial Landscape Horticulture.


shady lady staining

shady lady catepillar
Black Olive Tree on Bridlecrest Lane

What Causes Staining:

Note Gall in upper right (looks like bean)
Gall: Abnormal Growth caused by Mites
Bucida Caterpillar: Moves into Galls
Causes Frass: Insect excrement or Droppings
Frass causes Stain on Sidewalk