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ACC Concept

The Palma Sola Trace Community has one Architectural Standard established by the Master Association and contained within their Design Review Manual (DRM).

The Villas HOA has its own standards equal to or greater than the DRM standards which are contained in the Villas ACC Manual.

Villa owners receive guidance and approval for property modifications from the Villas ACC committee.

If you have any questions about the ACC, feel free to contact:

Pat Smith – ACC Chair Person

Villas at night
Palma Sola Trace Villas HOA
Architectural Control Committee


Procedures and Guidelines

  • ACC forms are obtained below, e-mail, ACC Member or by mail from C&S
  • Homeowner completes and signs the form and delivers/e-mails to an ACC Member or e-mails to C&S with all required specifications and attachments.
  • C&S or ACC Chairperson sends completed forms to the ACC Committee members.
  • ACC Committee members review the request.
  • The ACC Committee meets and votes to approve, request modifications or deny request.
  • The ACC Committee Chair person delivers the approved or denied request to the homeowner and forwards a copy to C&S.
  • Normally, ACC Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 2pm.

A request form to be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the Villas Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for approval BEFORE any work commences.
Please complete in its entirety.

cool  ACC Form Standard


For the convenience of Villa homeowners considering a project that requires ACC approval, the Villas ACC has compiled a list of contractors that have performed project work in the Villas Neighborhood.

The ACC has confirmed current Florida contractor licenses and insurance information for these contractors. There is no obligation for Villa homeowners to choose a contractor from this list; other contractors may be contacted and asked for a bid.

As part of the ACC Request for Architectural Approval process, the ACC will contact any contractor chosen by the homeowner, and not on the list, to verify their credentials.

cool  Contractor Listing

Please Note:

Villa owners have their own dedicated Architectural Control Committee appointed by the Villas HOA Board of Directors.

The standards and guidelines used within the villas neighborhood conform with requirements in Florida Statute 720 and the Master Association Design Review Manual.

Pat Smith, ACC Chair Person – 941-518-7768

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